Roundup #28: MinVer, API Discovery, Dependabot, Repository Pattern, Typescript

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Here are the things that caught my eye this week.  I’d love to hear what you found most interesting this week.  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
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A minimalistic .NET package for versioning .NET SDK-style projects using Git tags. When you want to release a version of your software, whether it’s a pre-release, RTM, patch, or anything else, simply create a tag with a name which is a valid SemVer 2.0 version and build your projects. MinVer will apply the version to the assemblies and packages. (If you like to prefix your tag names, see the FAQ.)

REST Fest 2018: Kin Lane

Kin Lane (API Evangelist) – ”API Discovery in the Real World is Complicated” – 28 September 2018
REST Fest 2018 \ Kin Lane (API Evangelist) \ 2018 Keynote from REST Fest on Vimeo. Link:


Dependabot pulls down your dependency files and looks for any outdated or insecure requirements. If any of your dependencies are out-of-date, Dependabot opens individual pull requests to update each one. You check that your tests pass, scan the included changelog and release notes, then hit merge with confidence.

Stop Using Repository Pattern With an ORM

In this post I’m going to list some reasons  suggested for using repository pattern. Then we’re going to see if these reasons really needs these kind of patterns to be solved. Then I’m going to propose other alternatives for solving  these problems.

dotJS 2018 – Anders Hejlsberg

How do you define and implement a static type system for a dynamic language like JavaScript, and why would you even care to? Anders explores how TypeScript came to be, how it differs from classic type systems, and how it can be beneficial even if you don’t like types.
If you’re not on the TypeScript train yet, why not? But really, it might be worth a watch if you aren’t. Link:
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