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Leaders in Big Data

Charles Fan from VMWare makes an interesting note regarding CRAP data. Data is mostly event driven and not CRUD’y anymore.

Reality of fixed price & fixed scope

Fixed price, fixed scope development contracts are still a very relevant and are not likely going away.  Clients want a to know how much they are going to spend and exactly what they are going to get.  The reality is, iterative development was created because they don’t know (entirely) what they want up front. Waterfall is still primarily used, however the reality is, it’s more of a business decision than a development decision. Same old story… We spend a great deal of time up front gathering business requirements and attempt to create a specification of our interpretations of those requirements. … Read More »Reality of fixed price & fixed scope

SharePoint: List does not exist

Problem: When trying to “Add new Item” to a SharePoint 2010 list (document library, task list, etc), and you receive this very helpful error. Cause: Alternate Access Mappings.  It displays this error message when I cannot resolve the URL. Solution:  Add the mapping.  Example: You are acessing the site via:, however you do not have an Alternate Access Mapping for